A perfect way of diffusing this liquid in a fine mist into your growing environment and deterring the activity of Spidermite and other Aphid pests.

This unit is safe to use and running dry by accident will not cause unit damage. 

 Easy to fill. Just lift the top half away, after unplugging, from the reservoir and add 300ml of the Silver Plant Wash liquid. Refit the top half , plug back into the mains and switch back on

Very quickly your space will be protected with the extremely fine mist that gets to all parts of your plants.

The Diffuser stands 26cm tall and has a diameter of 18cm.

Why Silver?

It reduces fungal infections known to destroy plants, this includes Blight. The reason the silver works against fungi is that it is rapidly taken up by the fungal spores, which in turn stops the germination of the fungus. Take up time can be as little as 1 minute. 

Safe for the environment?

Latest studies demonstrate that there is no ecological harm whatsoever from the Colloidal Silver in the environment. Let’s face it, Silver came from the environment in the first place.