Spider Spray Concentrate, Sustainable ingredients 30ml makes 500ml with water.


30ml of our 6 Essential Oil in Neem Blend in concentrate form to allow the addition of water to make up to 500ml and re-use your old trigger spray bottle.

Perfect for applying around CCTV monitors.

All of our ingredients are sustainably sourced .


Product Description

Incorporating 6 Essential Oils and Neem oil this concentrate comes in a 30ml bottle. Think about reducing plastic waste by re-using trigge5r spray bottles..

Creating a natural barrier to deter spiders, without harming them. Would you rather not share your home with your 8 legged friends’?

This is a concentrated blend that includes Peppermint, Cinnamon and Citronella Essential Oils, Blending agents and Preservative. Simply stir in cooled boiled water and make up to 500ml.

Recycle an existing spray bottle, ( wash it thoroughly first.)

Did you know that Spiders sense through their feet?

Spider Spray is made using a synergy blend of 6 Essential Oils.

Spray around Doors, Windows, Air Bricks and any other areas spiders can gain access to. Stop them from moving in.

Re-apply every time you clean! Or in our case, more than once a year.

No spiders were hurt or found in the making of this advert…..


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