Our Sustainable, Anti bacterial Cleaning products. Now incorporating Zephair.

Natrell tm Anti bacterial cleaning products containing plant essential oils have been specially formulated by our own people, using natural and sustainable ingredients to provide effective and natural anti bacterial cleaning. The formulations contain no harmful chemicals or toxic bleach and the effective cleansers are made by cleverly combining essential oils to optimise the release of solvents and aromas. This means NatrellTM cleaning products are easily degradable and are safe for the environment. NatrellTM cleaning products have several features that make cleaning with these products very different.

We deliberately designed our products as water based and we strive to use PCR recycled material spray and product bottles.

Our ongoing development is into concentrates that will only need the addition of water. This will help reduce carbon footprint and help recycle perfectly good containers.

We are a small business that is trying its best. Every little helps to save the future of this great place that we live in.

For our Zephair range click here – Zephair Air Purifier/Freshener Options – Natrell

They clean exceptionally well, and remain effective for a good time after application.

Ingredients are from sustainable sources.

They leave a lovely sheen on the surface.

They contain a powerful blend of antibacterial essential oils that leave the surface hygienically safe and smelling fresh.

We also use recycled plastic bottles..

Please note, we only use Essential and not fragrance Oils in our cleaning products.  Essential Oils have a therapeutic value whereas fragrance oils do not.

These products are all designed, manufactured, bottled and supplied by ourselves.

Our range

The Zephair range of Air Freshener spray liquids:-

Utilising the power of Essential Oils. A 3-oil blend gives off a beautiful Lemon Citrus aroma.   Options include  a 500ml Trigger Spray, a 30ml Concentrate (makes 1 x 500ml), a 500ml Concentrate (makes 12 x 500ml sprays), and a 5 litre refill spray liquid.

The spray is manufactured using sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients and then filled into PCR recycled packaging.

Extremely popular in the home and work environment and also our best seller in the Care sector.

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The Natrell Surface Cleaner

Cleans surfaces effectively, leaving a beautiful sheen as well as a residual aroma which persists for some time following cleaning. Containing a unique blend of antimicrobial plant essential oils that help cut through grease and grime leaving the surface hygienically clean. The residual aroma leaves your environment with a fresh and natural smell. Available as a single spray, 5 Litre refill or a 500ml concentrate that makes 12 bottles.

Ingredients – Aqua, Essential Oils, Polysorbate 20, Preservative, Isopropyl Alcohol, Benzalkonium Chloride.(0.01%)

Keep away from children, face and do not consume.

MSDS always available on request with orders.

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Our new Concentrated Surface Cleaner

 In a mini 60ml bottle and designed so that you can add your own water. (We suggest boiled and cooled to allow you maximum effective storage time.)

We are trying to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the amount of water that is being shipped and also urging you to re-use those existing trigger spray bottles which are perfectly good to be used over and over rather than be discarded to landfill. Just wash your old bottle out before filling with the newly made-up liquid.

Made from an Orange based blend of 4 Essential Oils and has tested positive to reduce bacterial load in independent laboratory trials.

With a gentle foaming action, this spray easily deals with grease and everyday build up of food, spills etc.

Leaves a lovely fragrance,streak free finish and gives you the satisfaction that all is safe.

Ingredients – Aqua, Essential Oils, Polysorbate 20, Preservative, Isopropyl Alcohol, Benzalkonium Chloride.(0.01%)

Keep away from children, face and do not consume.

MSDS always available on request with orders.

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The Natrell Surface Cleaner Plus.

The natural progression for us was to take our anti-microbial spray, that has proven to give a 5 log reduction in bacterial numbers, (EN 1276 certified) and aim to improve it. (That’s 99.9999%)  We wanted a spray that can double as a surface cleaner plus also be safely used as a spray for use in multi contact places such as toilets, washrooms, door handles etc. All helpful in the battle against cross contamination. Just spray the fine mist and leave it to dry. The spray is so fine that the bottle goes a long way and drying time is really reduced when compared with a conventional trigger spray.

The important thing for us was to keep it as natural as possible with sustainably sourced ingredients.

The Essential 5 oil blend contains 3 that have antiviral listed properties. Those 3 are Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Lavender. The fourth oil is Oregano, which contains Carvacrol, which has shown promising results when tested against Norovirus. The final oil is Orange which leaves a glorious long lasting aroma when blended with the others.

Additionally, we have drastically increased the level of alcohol. Not only does this increase the bacteria kill but also speeds up the drying process. Hence, why it is perfect on multi used surfaces and areas.

We should all know that the best way to prevent cross contamination is to thoroughly wash hands, but sometimes that is not always possible. . As a last resort and washing is not available, a couple of squirts on the hands, and rub together well, would help.

Oh! and by the way, you still have a lovely, long lasting Orange based fragrance.


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The Natrell Toilet Cleaner

Should be used daily to keep the toilet clean.

This product uses no harsh chemicals and is environmentally safe when flushed down the drain, releasing its’ natural aroma for up to five flushes.

This is a great product for those little rooms that need to smell fresh and clean.

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The Natrell Floor Cleaner Concentrate

Is good for laminate and tiled floors, leaving a beautiful non-slip sheen on the surface and a wonderful residual aroma that lasts for over an hour following cleaning.

Up to 17 washes from this one bottle.

Not for use on Waxed or Polished wood floors.

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The Natrell Air Purifier 

Can be sprayed onto fabrics, carpets, curtains and into the air leaving an amazing aroma that helps to reduce odours caused by animals, smoking and cooking.

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The Natrell Window and Glass cleaner Spray

Has been formulated using natural ingredients to cut through dirt, break down grease and leave a streak free, sparkling finish

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The Natrell Carpet Deodorising Powder.

Just a few shakes and a quick vacuum can clean your carpet.

In a handy 400g shaker bottle.

With Diatomaceous Earth, Bicarbonate of Soda and Essential Oils, plus a few dried peas to keep the powder dry.

Perfect where fleas are a problem.

Manufactured using our Natrell blend of Essential Oils, regular use will ensure a long lasting fresh smelling ambiance.

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The Natrell Bulk Buy Range

 Handy 5 Litre Refill bottles. All with a 24-month shelf life to save you money, but more importantly re-use those perfectly good bottles rather than throwing away where they may end up, who knows?

Includes the Air Purifier, Surface, Toilet, Floor, Glass and Window Cleaners, plus our ever popular Spider Spray

Manufactured using our Natrell blend of Essential Oils, regular use will ensure a long-lasting fresh smelling ambiance.

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