Cooling, Soothing Natural Footspray (150ml)


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Product Description

Using the Anti fungal and Anti-microbial properties of Tea Tree Essential Oil, this spray is ideal for everyday use, particularly when you have been to communal places that could easily cause cross infection, such as changing rooms, swimming baths etc.

Eases discomfort from Athletes foot.

Now in the brilliant Ultra Fine Mist bottle.

A quick squirt in your shoes at night, odour free in the morning.

Natural simple ingredients that do the job without the need for harsh chemicals.

Contains Vitamin E. Does not contain Alcohol. But all ingredients are sustainably sourced.

Refreshing and cooling, the spray comes in a convenient, Eco-friendly 150ml fine mist gravity spray. (Allows you to spray with the bottle upside down.)

A little squirt goes a long way.

Also available in economical1 and 5 litre refill bottles. £4.44 and £22.20 each respectively. Soon to be added to the shop but for now just ask via the contact page or