Our Personal Care Products.

Using the best of ‘Nature’s Gifts’, we have developed a range of Personal Care products alongside our Natural Cleaning Products.

All made using Sustainably Sourced, degradable, ingredients including Pure Essential Oils.

We like them and we think that you will too!

Our range

Our Insect Repellent Spray

In a handy 100ml pocket sized bottle, this all natural spray is ideal for safely keeping those flying critters at bay.

With Essential Oils, Vitamin E, and other natural ingredients

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Our Natural Spider Spray

The perfect way to keep our 8 legged friends at bay.

With 6 Essential Oils, Neem base Oil, and other natural ingredients

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Our Soothing, Cooling Footspray

A Natural Spray to keep your feet cool.

In a 150ml Finger Spray bottle.

With Essential Oils, Vitamin E, and other natural ingredients

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Our Selection of Moisturising Handwashes

A Choice of 3 Beautiful Soaps  from our range of Moisturising Hand Washes.250ml of our Hand Soap in a beautiful clear pump action bottle.

Choice of 3.

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Our Warming Pre-Exercise Massage Oil Blend.

In a handy 100ml bottle.

Ideal for use before exercise. Simply massage into the muscle area.

Try a couple of drops in your bath

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Our Beautiful Essential Oil Mood Sprays

In a choice of 3.

Energising, Calming and Anti-Microbial blends.

Use the Therapeutic properties of Essential Oils to enhance your mood.

Also available in 1 Litre refill bottles.

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Pre-Poo Toilet Freshener Spray.

This spray comes in a handy 100ml Spritzer recycled plastic bottle. Infused with Pine and Eucalyptus Essential Oils, it will leave a fresh aroma after the deed is done.

A few squirts, before doing the deed, down the bowl and onto the water should do the trick.
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Anti-Friction Chamois Cream

200g tubs of NutKisser or KoolKiss Anti-Friction, Chamois cream developed by Cyclists for Cyclists but is not your average Anti-Chafing cream. Ideal for Runners, Walkers and general sports activity.

Suitable for women and men and derived its name from its cooling, soothing and healing properties.

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