Zephair Air Diffuser for Home, Office, Hydroponics + 1 Litre Liquid (Choice 5) (Prices shown are at 40% discount)

£8.71 – £59.69

Product Description

Zephair  Air Diffuser Unit with a choice of 5 Diffuser liquids.

This mains operated unit is a simple way of quickly banishing odours from your grow room.

Also perfect for your working environment.

This unit is safe to use and harnesses the natural properties of Essential Oils.

Simply pour 250ml of the pre-mixed Diffuser liquid into the reservoir and switch on. 

Very quickly your space will be enveloped in the beautiful aroma.

The Diffuser stands 26cm tall and has a diameter of 18cm.

Available with a choice of 5 different Diffuser Liquids. Anti-microbial Citrus, Cherry, Fresh Linen and Spearmint. that will distribute a fine mist into your grow rooms to.

Refill Liquids are also available and can be ordered via the separate listing on the Diffuser shop page.

Additional Information
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Zephair Air Diffuser with 1L Silver Plant Wash, Zephair Air Diffuser with 1L Anti-microbial Diffuser Oils, Zephair Air Diffuser with 1L Spearmint Diffuser Oils, Zephair Air Diffuser with 1L Cherry Diffuser Oils, Zephair Air Diffuser with 1L Fresh Linen Diffuser Oils, 1 Litre Silver Plant Wash Liquid, 1 Litre Anti-microbial Citrus Diffuser Oil, 1 Litre Spearmint Diffuser Oil, 1 Litre Wild Cherry Fragrance Diffuser Oil, 1Litre Fresh Linen Fragrance Diffuser Oil


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