Diatomaceous Earth Powder. Nibbling Insect deterrent. 60g.


Product Description

Diatomaceous Earth. A Natural product to deter pesky Plant Nibblers.

A powdery granular material, it can be sprinkled around garden beds or individual plants to effectively deter earwigs, slugs, and other garden pests. You can also mix it with water to make a foliar spray. Diatomaceous earth is less effective when wet, so use during dry weather and reapply after it rains.

60g of Diatomaceous Earth Powder in handy sprinkle/spice bottle.

This is a non-calcined, non-crystalline low in aluminium, iron and heavy metals. A free flowing off white organic, natural powder.

Ideal for Pest control. Dust/Sprinkle onto animal’s coat, kills fleas and mites.

Shake onto bedding, joints, crevices, cracks, to kill insects with a waxy skin structure such as fleas, ticks, ants, bedbugs, slugs, beetles etc

Often used in Horticulture as a lightweight, quality growing media when mixed with soil/compost. 

Chemical and Physical analysis typical.    

SiO2 72% AL203 1 1% Fe 203 3%

MgO 1% CaO 1%  K2O + Na2O 2%  Bulk density 220 – 270 g/l  Moisture 3 to 6%

Absorption capacity (water) 160 – 180% (v/w) (modified BASF method)

Sieve analysis >45um 20% max > 63um 16% max > 90um 10% max > 250um 

3% max pH (10% Aq suspension) 4.5.

Specific weight 2.3. Loss on ignition 8%

Additional Information

100ml, 500ml


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