Warming Pre Exercise Massage Oil (100ml)


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Product Description

This Massage Blend is pre-blended in a mix of premium Sesame Seed  carrier oil. It is ready for immediate use.

The Essential Oils are:- Melissa, Lime, Cypress, Cajeput and Ginger. 

A few drops of the pre-mixed blend onto your hands and massage gently into the muscle area required.

The blend comes in a handy 100ml bottle

Melissa – Its calming effect is a balm to the circulatory system easing high blood pressure

Lime – Reputedly helpful with Rheumatic pain

Cypress – Thought to be a tonic for the circulatory system.

Cajeput – Stimulates and clears thought.

Ginger – Stimulates circulation and warms.

Sesame Oil – Rich in vitamins E & B and in minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium amd Phosphorus. It is an excellent emollient oil.

Try a couple of drops in your bath


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100ml, 500ml