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Blended Massage Oils 6 Blends,100ml or 500ml in PCR Recycled Bottles

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These are pre-blended massage oils in ready to use format.

They come in a handy Clear Recycled Bottles.

Available in 6 blend options. Each with 2 size options, 100ml & 500ml.

Happiness blend – Bergamot, Rose Geranium, Mandarin , Jojoba, Neroli, and Soya Bean Oils.

Energising Blend – Rosemary, Lemon, Peppermint Arvensis, Eucalyptus Blue Gum and Soya Bean Oils.

Relaxing Blend – Wheatgerm, Mandarin, Majoram, Patchouli, Geranium, Jojoba, Chamomile and Soya Bean Oils.

De-Stressing Blend – Frankincense, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang 3rd, Wheatgerm and Soya Bean Oils.

Pre Exercise Warm up Blend – Melissa, Lime, Cypress, Cajeput, Ginger, and Sesame Seed Oils.

Low Mood Uplifting Blend – Bergamot, Frankincense, Black Pepper, Lime, Orange, Ylang Ylang and Grapeseed Oils

Beautiful, pure Essential Oils in the finest quality carrier / Massage oils.

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Oil Blend

Happiness 100ml, Happiness 500ml, Energising 100ml, Energising 500ml, Relaxing 100ml, Relaxing 500ml, De-Stressing 100ml, De-Stressing 500ml, Pre-Exercise Warm Up 100ml, Pre-Exercise Warm Up 500ml, Low Mood 100ml, Low Mood 500ml