Our list of Essential Oils with that Insecticide property. This could be the time to be looking to stock up for those diffusers, pot pourri and maybe a homemade spritzer spray to keep the flying ‘critters’ at bay.

Bergamot – Light, delicate and refreshing.

Cedarwood – Dry and woody.

Citronella – Sweet and lemony

Cinnamon – Sharp, sweet and musky.

Eucalyptus – Clear and sharp.

Juniper – Woody and refreshing.

Lemon – Citrus and sharp and fresh.

Lemongrass – Strong, sweet and lemony.

Lime – Bitter sweet and sharp.

Patchouli – Earthy, sweet and spicy.

Spearmint – Sweet and refreshingly sharp.

Tea Tree – Sanitory and quite pungent.

Natrell Range of Essential Oils