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Cleaning the NatrellTM Way


NatrellTM are pleased to announce their new range of natural cleaning products which offer good biological cleaning properties, a beautiful residual odour, and a hygienically safe environment. These products are different to many available on the market because there are no harsh chemicals, no bleach, they are not tested on animals and they are environmentally friendly.

Blending the natural plant essential oils enhances their effectiveness and leaves the surface free from grease and grime. There are five  products available ready prepared in 500ml to 1 litre quantities or if required in 5 Litre refills: Surface Cleanser, Floor Cleanser, Toilet Cleanser, Glass and Window Cleaner and Air Purifier. All products are currently available in Orange Fresh.

Orange Fresh is a blend of four natural antimicrobial plant essential oils. These are added to the base formulation of the products and enhance the cleaning properties. These natural antimicrobial plant essential oils do not harm the environment and are easily degraded unlike many of the harsh chemicals used in other products.

We believe that natural cleaning products such as ours give you the best clean with the least impact to the environment. Ordinary chemical cleaners such as bleach toilet cleaner are known to impact the environment. Essential oil based cleaning products are not.

We are very proud that we manufacture in the UK.

Cleaning the NatrellTM Way, creating a hygienically safe environment without using harsh chemicals.